The most popular Ukrainian athletes on Instagram. Part one.

The most popular Ukrainian athletes on Instagram.

During 2018, we conducted an analysis of the activity of Ukrainian sportspeople in social networks and published 5 editions of the rating. But we got interested in such a question as to the dynamics of growth. How fast do our sportspeople become more popular? So, friends, our rating of activity of Ukrainian sportspeople on Instagram for the last 12 months is to your attention.

What changed during this time? Let's start with the 10th place, which is taken by Alexander Gvozdyk.


The past year for the bronze finalist of the London Olympics was successful - in March 2018 Alexander gained the vacant title of interim world heavyweight champion according to the WBC, and in December became a full-fledged world champion, sending Adonis Stevenson into the hardest knockout. Within five days after the fight, Instagram of Gvozdyk grew by more than 20,000 subscribers. As you can see, the account of Alexander Gvozdyk on Instagram isn’t growing so fast, but confidently. Having added more than 50 thousand subscribers a year, Alexander closes the TOP-10 of our rating. We would like to note that Gvozdyk has never been included in the regular rating by the number of subscribers, however, in the near future, he has every chance of getting there.

9-th place: Andrey Yarmolenko   


The difficult year for the leading player of the Ukrainian team was marked by the transition from Dortmund Borussia to the new championship - the English Premier League. In the English Premier League Andrey started quite famously on board of West Ham, but was seriously injured and dropped out of the information field for a long time. Perhaps rather modest, as for such a status player, the increase in the number of subscribers is explained by this fact- only 78 thousand plus.

8-th place: Yevhen Konoplyanka   


A similar situation is with his colleagues in the team Yevhen Konoplyanka, who occupies the 8th place. Not having a stable place in the main team of Schalke, Zhenya added “just” 86 a thousand subscribers, but he is always in the top five of the most popular Ukrainian sportspeople. Hopefully, this year a quality breakthrough will occur in Konoplyanka’s career, which will certainly affect the number of new fans.    

The 7th place: Daria Bilodid  


The 7th place is taken by Daria Bilodid and it is the undoubted success of the young Ukrainian judoist! In September 2018 Daria became the youngest world champion in the history of judo, having beaten both the current world champion and the Olympic champion in this discipline on the way to triumph. Not surprisingly, this result caused a sensation not only among specialists but also among ordinary fans. Comparing with the last year, Daria’s Instagram added over 100 thousand subscribers and we are sure that it will not stop at that!    

The 6-th: Andrey Lunin  


The success story of Andrey Lunin is a separate matter. Ukrainian football has always been famous for its goalkeeper school, but few managed to stand out from the dozens of “young and promising”. And when rumors began to ooze out that Real Madrid was interested in Lunin, it all was initially taken as someone's joke or ridiculous agent's attempt to talk up the price for his ward. But already in June, the rumors turned into reality - Lugansk Zarya sold Andrey Lunin to the royal club for 9 million euros! And although Andrey has no significant successes in Real yet, on the hype wave the young keeper managed to increase the number of subscribers by more than 7 (!) times and rapidly rushed into the 6th place of our rating.

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