Dmitry Krivenko

Dmitry "Smoove" Krivenko

Sports: Basketball, Streetball, Basketball Freestyle 
Team: «Dunk Elite», «Heroes of The Courts» (H. O. T. C.) 
Date of birth: 11.09.1990 
Place of birth: Slobozhanske (Komsomolk) 
Height: 188 cm 
Weight: 80 kg 
Nickname: "Smoove"

Dmitry Krivenko is one of the best dunkers in a howl world. In his childhood, he began to play basketball like his dad and an older brother but later became more a streetballer. At the age of 14 Krivenko dunked the first time, and already in the 16 – won his first dunk contests in Zaporizhia and Kharkiv. Since then, he started to participate in the most prestigious tournaments around the world, many of whom won. Twice he won FIBA Europe Dunk contest, and in the summer of 2016, Dmytro became the winner of the dunk contest in official 3x3 basketball World championship.

Together with his team "Heroes of The Courts" Krivenko became a champion of Ukraine in 3Х3 basketball. Dmitry is a participant of the team "Dunk Elite" – the world’s best dunkers.


Cooperation with Dmitry Krivenko:
  • the athlete as a brand ambassador;
  • athlete’s participation in photo-shoot or video recording;
  • presence of the athlete at the brand’s events;
  • brand integration into the athlete’s social networks.
Dmitry Krivenko Dmitry Krivenko Dmitry Krivenko Dmitry Krivenko Dmitry Krivenko