NBA. 5 (1987-1996)

NBA. 5 (1987-1996)

NBA InfographicsThis heading we introduce the best players in the NBA history. The players statistics data in the form of infographics.sports infographics, NBA players statisticS
NBA. 1987-1996

                                   MVP .
1987    Los Angeles Lakers   Boston Celtics   4-2  Magic Johnson   Pat Riley
1988   Los Angeles Lakers   Detroit Pistons   4-3  James Worthy   Pat Riley
1989   Detroit Pistons   Los Angeles Lakers   4-0  Joe Dumars   Chuck Daly
1990   Detroit Pistons   Portland Trail Blazers   4-1  Isiah Thomas   Chuck Daly
1991   Chicago Bulls   Los Angeles Lakers   4-1  Michael Jordan   Phil Jackson
1992   Chicago Bulls   Portland Trail Blazers   4-2  Michael Jordan   Phil Jackson
1993   Chicago Bulls   Phoenix Suns   4-2  Michael Jordan   Phil Jackson
1994   Houston Rockets   New York Knicks   4-3  Hakeem Olajuwon   Rudy Tomjanovich
1995   Houston Rockets   Orlando Magic   4-0  Hakeem Olajuwon   Rudy Tomjanovich
1996   Chicago Bulls   Seattle SuperSonics   4-2  Michael Jordan   Phil Jackson


NBA. 1987-1996

NBA Finals. 1987-1996